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The Click Whip


Notice that the Click Whip stands straight up. When you are riding it stays almost straight up for your safety.

The Click Whip is the only whip that you NEVER have to use tools to remove

The Click Whip flag is made from 18 mil nylon reinforced banner material, not thin plastic that is gone in two rides

The Click Whip fiberglass shaft is strong enough to hold the flag up where it belongs for your safety. Most whips are .250" ours is .333".

The Click Whip Pat Pending quick disconnect is made from brass and stainless steel so it holds up to sand, aluminum disconnects bind up so you need tools when you get sand in them, plain steel rusts. The base bolt is made from high carbon steel, then it is hardened to hammerhead hardness before being electronickel platted for the nickel fittings or gold zink platted for the brass fittings. If you plan on using your quick disconnect fittings under water, there is a brass base bolt available.

The Click Whip disconnect can be connected to a wall mount base on the side of your trailer so your flags are out of your way, take them off your bike and click them to the wall holder and never leave your flags at home again

The Click Whip base rotates so the flag stays completely visible at all times for your safety, no more tangled flags

The Click Whip can have a light on the top for riding at night, see Whip Light (no wiring necessary)

If you break the fiberglass rod it is easy to replace in the Click Whip mounting, just loosen the bullet compression fitting, remove the broken piece with your fingers, clean up the shaft end and slide back into the bullet compression fitting, tighten it up, and off you go.

This is what the Click Whip looks like on your bike.

This is what is left on your bike when you remove the Click Whip and put it away in your trailer. One click and off it comes, no tools ever.

This is my trailer where all six of my Click Whips are stored on the wall out of my way. The wall mount units are available for 2 to 6 Click Whips.

Last updated 01/06/10

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