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Double Click Whip


A Click Whip you install on your single water craft trailer so you know exactly where the trailer is even when you can not see it. It is used on boats behind motor homes, PWC trailers behind trucks and anytime you need to see something hidden from your view. The Double Click Whip can be used on wheelchairs so it can be easily removed without tools, folded in half and stored in the trunk.


The Double Click Whip is designed to go on your single water craft trailer. It is a flag that allows you to see your trailer behind a truck or motor home. It uses the same Pat Pending quick disconnect that the Click Whip uses so after installation you can remove the flag from the trailer with just a click to release it. When your water craft is in the water and the person who is going to back down the trailer goes and retrieves the trailer, they remove the foldable Double Click Whip from the storage box and open it to full height. They then click it to the trailer so that when they back down the ramp they can see exactly where the trailer is and back straight down the ramp to pick up the water craft.

When you wipe down the water craft or tie it down you click the Double Click Whip off the trailer, fold it in half and then put it in the storage box.

The Double Click Whip comes in assorted colors for the shaft and several colors for the flag so it can match your personal water craft.

This is what the Double Click Whip looks like on the trailer and it makes backing the trailer a breeze.

No more looking like a fool, jack knifing all over the launch ramp.

You just back straight down the launch ramp.

This is what you see when you look out your rear view mirror, just keep them lined up and back straight down the ramp.


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Last updated 02/10/2006

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